PneuScoliosis Program


1 PneuMAP 2 PneuVibro Trac Table
2 PneuVibro Trac Table 3 PneuWeight Treadmill
Define your Curve Neurological Release Ball Exercise Evaluate and Correct Gait


4 PneuBack Chair Unweighted
5 Back Stretch

6 Band Exercise System

7 Home Exercise Program
Unilateral Recruitment Flexability and Range of Motion
Strengthen Correction
Maintain Correction


Pneumex Scoliosis Program

Pre Treatment Post Treatment



The Pneumex Scoliosis Program is designed to correct the muscular imbalance and reset the Proprio/Neuro receptors to recognize and maintain a straight spine.


One common factor we have identified, with all Scoliosis patients to date, is a left to right core strength imbalance/ deficiency.  The balance of this workbook is aimed toward giving you our approach toward resolving these upper and lower quadrant imbalances.


The PneuBack Program  

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