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PneuKnee Program

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“During a recent PSI meeting, I had the PneuKnee protocol performed for an old lateral Knee injury.  I did not really consider my symptoms to be 'pain' since I had lived with the feeling for many years.  I walked around the seminar for about 2-3 minutes and felt like I was walking on clouds. It was fast, easy, and very effective.”


“Due to traveling from Illinois to Dallas I had developed SI pain that was compounded with sleeping in a hotel bed. I was looking forward to returning home Monday and receiving a needed adjustment.  While walking around the seminar, I discovered a second benefit, my SI pain disappeared.  This simple, quick procedure made all the difference in my movement and enjoyment for the remainder of the seminar.” Dr. Mike Hurst


"Physical therapy gave me relief from my long term SI pain for about two days then it was right back.  Using the PneuGait Foot Straps a simple, quick, procedure made all the difference in my movement and proved to be an effective solution.” Frank Furtado Trainer Emeritus Seattle Supersonics


“I had been struggling with knee pain since July of 2005.  Multiple treatment approaches had no effect. My   Doctor had me try the PneuGait Foot Straps. Within minutes pain   began to decrease and within 3 days I had no pain at all. It is like a miracle. “Mrs. Hurst

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