PneuGait and Balance Program


1 PneuWeight Treadmill 2 PneuGait Foot Strap 3 PneuVibe
Evaluate and Correct Gait Correct Gait Whole Body Vibration


4 Back Stretch Chair
5 PneuWalker
6 Home Program
Flexability and Range of Motion
Gait and Mobility
Strengthen Correction



Fall Reduction Study 



This study is based on a two year study done by the Legends Nursing Home group out of San Antonio, TX.



 Their costing data shows each fall with injury costs them over $3000.00 per incident.




 Their historical data over the previous 3 years on over 4000 patients showed they were averaging 3.12 falls with injury per 1000 patient days. 




Over a 2 year period after implementing the Pneumex Gait & Balance Program they were averaging .87 to .81 falls per 1000 patient days .





The PneuBack Program  

Patients Thrive / Practice Thrives
Lucrative Business Model 
Protected Territory
Patient Referral System
Marketing & Training support



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