PneuFAST (Fitness and Sports Training) Program


1 PneuMAP 2 PneuWeight Treadmill 3 Back Stretch Chair
4 PneuTrac 50
Define Your Posture Evaluate and correct Gait Flexability and Range of Motion Challenge Fitness Performance


5 PneuBack Chair Unweighted 6 Core Strenght
7 Sports Specific
Home Program
Correction and Pain Relief Specific Muscle Recruitment and Strengthen Individualized Exercise
Strengthen Correction




No one can match our results!

We are not your local gym

All athletes are evaluated for Biomechanical deficits/imbalances.  The program addresses these issues first and then focuses in on improving physical performance.

The PneuBack Fitness and Sports Program finely tunes the body to maximize performance for life and it is designed to safely meet the individual needs.  This is  the only program  offering  spine  conditioning with an over speed treadmill capable of speeds up to 28 mph.  These exclusive PneuThera program protocols are not available at your local gym.

  •  Increase speed, vertical jump, agility, flexibility and strength
  •  Safety first  
  •  Improve balance, gait, and posture  
  •  Decrease injury
  •  Advance to the top of your game

PneuVibe Pro™ & Plyo Boxes



Fitness -a specific training designed to meet the fitness and rehab goals of the adult client.

Performance - high level  physical enhancement scientifically developed by  experts in human performance biomechanics and rehabilitation.

The FAST Program

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