PneuBack Program


1 PneuMAP 2 PneuVibro Trac Table 3 PneuWeight Treadmill 4 PneuBack Chair Unweighted
Define Your Posture Back Treatment Evaluate and correct Gait Correction and Pain Relief


5 Back Stretch Chair
6 PneuBack Chair
7 PneuBack Exercise
Home Program
Flexability and Range of Motion
Correct Chronic Back Problems and Strengthen
Specific Muscle Recruitment and Strengthen
Strengthen Correction



Patients Thrive / Practice Thrives

Prevent Unnecessary Surgeries

Pre    1.16.08                                                     Post    10.22.08

"We opened our first clinic with the PneuBack Program in 2008.  I encourage you to examine the PneuBack Program.  You’ll discover that it’s true—your patients will thrive and your practice will thrive.”   Karle Plott-Optimum Health Center


“When I came to the PneuBack Program, I was having back pain that prevented me from going about my daily activities. I was looking at the possibility of surgery.  The PneuBack Program gave me another option and took the pain away immediately.  I now have a long term plan and feel that we have treated the cause and not just the symptoms.”    John Knowles -Patient

The PneuBack Program  

Patients Thrive / Practice Thrives
Lucrative Business Model 
Protected Territory
Patient Referral System
Marketing & Training support



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